Student Leadership Team

DBC is a student-led group of middle schoolers who like meeting new  kids around the community through reading, discussing, and experiencing a book to the fullest! While all participants get together for our programs about once a month, whether it's our writing workshops or our summer reading program, there is SO MUCH fun to be had as we plan and execute every event.

And all of this is completely led by middle school students!

The Student Leadership Team meets weekly via Zoom (and sometimes in-person!) in order to choose books, make plans, and execute our ideas. We are a group of about students from all over Durham. Some of us are huge book lovers and voracious readers, while some of us are more interested in making art for marketing materials, and some of us are more interested in showing off our writing skills on the blog. We all have very different interests and passions, but what makes us a great group is that we work really well together to create some pretty fun projects.

If this sounds like something you might like, check out some of the activities that we work on together and let us know if you would be excited to hang out with us to shape this DBC programming!

Title Selection

Help choose the four books DBCreads participants will read each season. We start talking about next year's books in October, with the goal of making our final decision in early December.


Brainstorm and develop ideas for our podcast, DBCtalks. This includes reaching out to authors and collaborating with local and national organizations. We're learning that  so much of the work around a podcast is scheduling and editing. If you are into the details of schedules and/or audio editing, we are looking for YOU!


DBCreads is our biggest program, by far, so we spend a lot of time talking and planning for it. When April comes around, it's time to make all those months of planning come to life!

You'll get to interview authors, lead book discussions, execute the activities, and basically be the faces that guide us through our journey with each book we read.

Marketing & Design

Calling all artists, techies, and writers!

This group is an ongoing commitment of middle school students who meet throughout the school year to design branded DBC swag, flyers, videos, social media posts, and this website. Combining the minds of artists, writers, and influencers, the group of people who work on our marketing have one goal: SPREAD THE WORD about DBC!