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What Our  Students Are Saying

I think the Durham Book Club is a fun experience no matter if you like to read a lot or not. Durham Book Club gives you a bunch of books to read for free. Some of these books I would have never been able to find on my own because I have never heard of them, but they were all very well written books. My personal favorite book was Nyxia. I like how detailed the book was and I liked all the plot twists so I never got bored of the book. 

My favorite part of the club were the challenges. The challenges were about Durham. You look at different websites to find the answers to the problems. Then you would email your answers to the book club. If you won the challenge first you would get a prize involving real life gift cards for different stores. I think you should join the book club if you want a remarkable experience or if you love to read. - 6th grade student, Durham Academy


“I liked the people. I felt like everyone was very friendly and open.” - 8th grade student, Durham School of the Arts


“I loved being in a space where you are basically encouraged to nerd out about books.” - 5th grade student, Ignite Academy


“I really like discussing books with other people and with the authors.” - 7th grade student, Rogers Herr Middle School

What Our Reading Advocates Are Saying

As an advocate for literacy and community and encouraging new readers, I am delighted to endorse Durham Book Club. What sets this program apart is not just its literacy advocacy, but the community-building work that is led by middle school student leaders (and their mentor, a publishing professional turned children’s librarian).

Every detail is handled by the program’s Student Leadership Team, a group of dedicated students who meet throughout the school year. These young leaders are on a mission to engage all Durham’s middle school students in something greater than themselves. They're fostering an inclusive space where diverse voices come together, bridging gaps and inspiring discussions about books and ideas.

Durham Book Club's student leaders are the heart of this transformation. They're not just reading books; they're shaping their future, one filled with collaboration, understanding, and leadership. I wholeheartedly support their vision for a more connected Durham. And one day I hope to hear that this program is expanding to more and more cities throughout the country. This is the start of something much larger! 

- Nancy Pearl, librarian and author of the Book Lust series of recommendations for readers


I continue to be amazed by all that StrongHER TogetHER works to accomplish in this troubled world. Witnessing the energy, enthusiasm and creativity of the organization gives me hope for our common future! - Durham Book Club volunteer

Press Coverage

In November 2023, we were interviewed by CanvasRebel: Meet Durham Book Club. It was really exciting to be featured on the website, and we're so grateful for the opportunity! Check out a tiny excerpt from our conversation below:

Let’s talk about resilience next – do you have a story you can share with us?

Our journey as Student Leaders with Durham Book Club has shown us what it means to be resilient. This group is more than just a bunch of middle school students; we’re a true team. We rely on each other, and there’s complete trust among us.