Frequently Asked Questions

What is Durham Book Club?

Durham Book Club is a city-wide book club for middle school students, run by middle school students. We meet in April, May, June, and July to discuss books, share our thoughts and ideas, and have fun. You choose which books you want to participate in, and those books are provided to you for free!

Joining Durham Book Club 

Who can join Durham Book Club?

Any middle school student in Durham is welcome to join Durham Book Club. We welcome students from all schools and backgrounds, whether you are a book lover or want to join just to meet cool new people.

How often does Durham Book Club meet? Is this a virtual-only program?

Durham Book Club runs during April, May, June, and July. During those months, we read one book per month, participating in different meetings and activities together, both virtually and in-person. 

How do I join Durham Book Club?

To join Durham Book Club, simply fill out our online registration form or contact us directly. Registration starts every January!

Student Leadership Team 

What is the Durham Book Club Student Leadership Team?

The Durham Book Club Student Leadership Team is a group of middle school students who are passionate about reading and leading. They work together to plan meetings, select books, and create fun and engaging activities for our book club members.

How can I join the Student Leadership Team?

To join the Durham Book Club Student Leadership Team, you must be willing to commit to attending regular meetings and actively participating in leadership activities. If you're interested in joining, simply let us know and we'll provide more information about the application and selection process.

What kind of activities does the Student Leadership Team do?

The Durham Book Club Student Leadership Team does a variety of activities, including selecting books for the club to read, planning and leading book discussions and activities, organizing community service projects related to literacy and reading, and working to promote the book club to other students in the community.

Can anyone join the Student Leadership Team?

While we welcome all interested middle school students to apply for the Student Leadership Team, we do have a limited number of spots available. We encourage all members to be active in the club and show leadership potential in order to be considered for the team. You can express your interest in joining the team to one of the current leaders or email us at

How does the Student Leadership Team help the book club?

The Durham Book Club Student Leadership Team plays a critical role in making Durham Book Club a success. They help plan and lead meetings, select engaging books, and create fun and creative activities for members to participate in. They also help promote the book club to other students in the community and work to make Durham Book Club an inclusive and welcoming space for all readers.

Can I still be a regular participant of Durham Book Club if I'm not on the Student Leadership Team?

Absolutely! Being a regular participant of Durham Book Club is a great way to meet new people, discover new books, and have fun. The Student Leadership Team is just one way to get more involved if you're looking for a year-round extracurricular activity that includes leadership opportunities.

Title Selection

What types of books does Durham Book Club read?

Durham Book Club reads a variety of books, including fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, and more. We try to select books that are interesting and engaging for middle school students.

Do I have to read all the books, or can I choose just one or two of the four?

You can join us for one book or all four books. That’s up to you!

How are the books selected for Durham Book Club?

The books for Durham Book Club are selected by our Student Leadership Team. We take suggestions from everyone and then vote on which books to read. We try to choose books that are diverse, thought-provoking, and fun. 

Can I suggest a book for Durham Book Club to read?

Absolutely! We welcome book suggestions from all of our members. You can suggest a book by filling out our suggestion form or bringing it up at our meetings.

Other Common Questions

Are there any fees to join Durham Book Club?

No, there are no fees to join Durham Book Club. We want to make our book club accessible to all middle school students. 

Do I need to buy the books we read for Durham Book Club?

No! We provide the books for free, or you can get the book from the library. Even if you already own the book or have read it in the past, you can join us!

Where does Durham Book Club meet?

Durham Book Club meets at various locations throughout Durham, including libraries, schools, and local bookshops. You get to choose which location you want to go to. We'll let you know the options of meeting locations when you join.

Can parents or guardians attend Durham Book Club meetings?

Durham Book Club is run by middle school students for middle school students, so we ask that parents and guardians do not attend our meetings. However, we welcome any questions or concerns they may have and will be happy to address them.

Is there a code of conduct for Durham Book Club members?

Yes, we have a code of conduct that all members are expected to follow. It includes things like respecting others' opinions, being kind and respectful, and participating in a positive way.

How can I get involved with organizing or leading Durham Book Club?

If you're interested in getting more involved with Durham Book Club, we welcome your help! Contact us and let us know what you're interested in, and we'll work with you to find a way for you to get involved.