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....now what?

For the next four months, you'll have the chance to meet and talk to the authors of the books, meet and talk to other students at any Durham County Library, and win prizes when you participate in our book-related challenges. You can do all these things or none of them. It's totally your choice.

We do hope that you'll be able to join us for one small group discussion each month - you pick your favorite or closest library and sign up in advance. If you can join the same group each month, you'll get to know those people even better! Details for each book will be announced on the first of each month, but you can check out the Durham County Library's website for dates at specific locations.

May 2024

Children of Stardust Virtual Scavenger Hunt

It’s May 2024, and Durham has become the galaxy within Children of Stardust by Edudzi Adodo. Ten Kobastickers are hiding around Durham, within the websites of different local organizations. 

Your mission: work with with a group of friends (or on your own) to solve each riddle.

 Go to each business’s website and locate the Kobasticker. 

Beware! Not all items are on the Home Page of a website but may be hidden on other pages within the organization's site.

This month's art & writing prompt to get published on our blog

Design your own Kobasticker! What abilities do you get when you apply it? How long do they last?