Children of Stardust 

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Solve the riddles. Find the Kobastickers. Save the Galaxy.

It’s May 2024, and Durham has become the galaxy within Children of Stardust by Edudzi Adodo. 

Eleven Kobastickers* are hiding around Durham, within the websites of different local small businesses and nonprofits. 

Travel the galaxy and solve the riddles in order to find as many Kobastickers as you can before the end of the month!

Your mission: 

Between May 1 and May 31, work with with a group of friends (or on your own) to solve each riddle below to discover which local business is hiding each Kobasticker.

 Go to each business’s website and locate the Kobasticker. 

Be aware! Not all items are on the Home Page of the website but may be hidden on other pages of the site.

Here's a list of Durham organizations who have hidden the Kobastickers on their websites. 

Can you solve the riddles to figure out which business is hiding which Kobasticker??

Once you solve the riddles, go to the businesses' websites, find the Kobastickers, and let us know what you find to win a prize!

As you find each image on the websites, take a screenshot of it or make a note of the specific webpage. Email us with your screenshots and/or the names of the businesses that hold each Kobasticker:

Don't worry - you don't need to find them all, so just send us what you can. Prizes will be awarded in June!

If you're feeling stuck and could use a hint, send us a note! We’re here to help you.

*all Kobastickers were created by members of our Student Leadership Team!

Kobasticker Riddles

Rows of pAges, stories untold,

In this haven for Bookworms, behold!

Letters and stamps in every aisle,

Wish for a power that brings a smile.

To meet beloved charaCters, a fantasy,

This koba grants the gift of literary reality.

This Kobasticker gives the ability to summon books.


Far from the shore, where the salt air gleams,

And seafood dreams are more than schemes.

Sugar's fiercer cousin,

Fish come by the dozen.

Delicious, tasty, and fried,

We  check all the boxes, come on inside!

This Kobasticker gives the ability to breathe underwater.


With books in hand, and stories to find,

Where beans are traded, a treasure to bind.

Here, where roasters craft with care,

Sip and savor in the trader's lair.

Unlimited brew, a trader's delight,

A lifetime's worth, morning and night.

This Kobasticker gives the user unlimited coffee for their entire lifetime.


Bulls on the run, a sight to see,

But with super speed, we'll soon be free.

Lace up your shoes and hit the track,

With lightning pace, there's no looking back.

Through streets and alleys we'll swiftly glide,

With Bull City's spirit, our guide.

This Kobasticker gives the person who uses it super speed.


Popping kernels, anger's brew,

A leap through time to a world anew.

When frustrations rise and tempers flare,

Don't call me crazy, I'm furious!

You can't fight the deliciousness.

Butter, caramel,  confetti, or cheese

You'll breeze bag through bag with ease!

This Kobasticker gives the ability to jump to any place and time.


On this quest for treasures rare,

Why not seek a souvenir to wear?

Our hometown's spirit in cloth and thread,

Apparel in every hue, it's said.

A fleeting visit but memories to glean,

A touch of Durham, wherever you've been.

This Kobasticker gives the ability to come back to Durham, NC anytime the user wants but only for 15 minutes.


Stones you’ve thrown will break my bones,

But in this shop, they build new homes.

Pebbles, boulders, granite to crystal,

In this rock haven, transformation is official.

The power to shape, to mold, to craft,

In your hands, with each draft.

This special shop where rocks are the star,

Terraform worlds, near and far.

This Kobasticker gives the user the ability to terraform.


In the bond of sisterhood, strength resides,

Where unity in friendship forever abides.

Telepathy's gift, shared between hearts,

A connection deep, where trust imparts.

With closest friends, thoughts entwine,

In the circle of sisterhood, divine.

This Kobasticker gives its owner the gift of telepathy with their closest friends.


At Everlou's, where coffee brews,

And tails wag with joyful hues.

A cozy spot for you and pup,

Where conversations never abrupt.

Sip your brew and share a word,

With furry friends, a bond assured.

This Kobasticker gives the ability to communicate with dogs.


Amidst the chaos, a peaceful retreat,

Where succulents thrive in tranquil heat.

Touch and transform with a gentle hand,

Into cacti across the land.

Calm your mind with nature's art,

A touch of green, a healing start.

This Kobasticker gives the user the ability to turn everything they touch into a cactus.


in a pLace of rainbow pride,

where love and acceptance coincide.

with the kobasticker's Gift in sight,

amplify understanding with love's light.

empathy Blooms in every hue,

a beacon of hope for me and you.

you are noT alone,

loud or Quiet, you are your own.

This Kobasticker gives the ability to amplify empathy and understanding.